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Key stories from this month's issue...

Global Industry Overview - Key Themes For Mining In 2018 - JAN 2018

Americas December 2017 / Global / Industry

As improving mineral prices prompt a cautious return to growth strategies for major miners, we highlight advanced technology in operations and technology-associated minerals, such as copper, lithium and cobalt, to be the focus of spending. Nonetheless, regulatory uncertainty, particularly in China, will create risks to this otherwise positive outlook.


Industry Trend Analysis - Gold: New Projects To Drive Steady Production Growth - JAN 2018

Asia Pacific December 2017 / Global / Industry

The global gold mining industry will experience steady production growth, supported by rising prices and improving operational costs over the coming years.


Industry Trend Analysis - Nickel: Indonesian Recovery To Sustain Global Production Growth - JAN 2018

Europe December 2017 / Global / Industry

Global nickel production growth will come out of negative territory for the first time since 2014, driven by Indonesia's export ban moderation. Indonesia and Australia will lead nickel production growth rates from 2017-2021. However output in the number one global producer, the Philippines, will remain muted in the coming months as a result of environmental shutdowns of mines over 2017.


Market Strategy - Weekly Commodities Strategy: Looking Ahead To 2018 - JAN 2018

Middle East & Africa December 2017 / Global / Industry

Although we are bullish on most commodity prices from a multi-year perspective, we expect that the rapid rebound of the past two years is reaching its limits. In particular, we expect industrial commodities (coal, oil and industrial metals) to experience a pause in their medium-term uptrends over 2018. We expect agricultural commodities to outperform over the next 12 months after underperforming so far in 2017, led by grains and cocoa. Crop damage from a La Ni?a weather cycle in the coming months could reinforce agricultural price outperformance, although this remains a risk rather than our core view for now (see 'La Ni?a Threats Return', October 18).