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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Lead: Global Production To Remain Stagnant - AUG 2017

Americas July 2017 / Global / Industry

Global lead mine production growth will slowly accelerate over 2017 driven by a slight rise in prices in relation to 2016. However, during our forecast period from 2017-2021 production rates will largely stagnate due to a subdued price recovery and a weak global project pipeline. Australia and Peru will be the relative growth bright spots from 2017-2021, supported by stronger project pipelines across minerals, in which lead is often mined as a by-product.


Global Industry Overview - Zinc: Steady Production Growth Recovery - AUG 2017

Asia Pacific July 2017 / Global / Industry

The global zinc concentrate industry will return to muted production growth in 2017, supported by improving prices and a solid project pipeline.


Industry Trend Analysis - Phosphate Mining: China To Slowly Lose Market Share To MENA - AUG 2017

Europe July 2017 / Global / Industry

Global phosphate production will remain concentrated in the hands of a few industry players in the coming years. China will continue to dominate global production despite slowly losing market share to Morocco which boasts a strong pipeline of projects and the largest global reserves.


Industry Trend Analysis - Regulations Shaking Up SSA Mining Landscape - AUG 2017

Middle East & Africa July 2017 / Africa / Political Risk

Regulatory changes to the mining codes of a number of Sub-Saharan countries will pose risks but also present opportunities for investors in the coming years. Various mining jurisdictions, including major producers, will be affected by an uptick in populist policy positions that call for greater local beneficiation and will lead to increased costs for miners. On the other hand, several other governments across the region will seek positive reforms to their domestic mining sectors in order to leverage the recent rise in commodity prices or to increase inward investment in a bid to kick-start growth.