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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Mining - Weekly Projects Round-Up & Developments - APR 2018

Americas April 2018 / Global / Industry

Following several upward revisions to our non-ferrous metal price forecasts for 2018, we evaluate the drivers behind our more positive outlook, largely driven by improving demand growth outlooks.


Industry Trend Analysis - Privatisation Of Coal Sector To Support Long-Term Output - MAR 2018

Asia Pacific March 2018 / India / Industry

India's coal sector will benefit from the government's efforts to privatise the industry, although we do not expect reforms to have a tangible effect on production for a number of years due to the long-term time frame needed for implementation and ongoing delays in the policy process. We believe Indian coal production growth will accelerate towards the end of our 2018-2027 forecast period once reforms take effect and on the back of strong power generation demand and robust steel production in the years ahead.


Industry Forecast - Platinum: Production Growth To Stagnate - APR 2018

Europe April 2018 / Russia / Industry

Russia's platinum output growth will stagnate because of declining ore grades and a weak project pipeline. The country will lose market share to other platinum-producing countries, such as Zimbabwe, over the long term.


Industry Trend Analysis - Quick View: New Mining Law Will Not Alter Positive Outlook - APR 2018

Middle East & Africa April 2018 / Congo / Industry

The Latest: On March 10 2018, embattled Congolese President Joseph Kabila signed into law a new mining code that will raise royalties on minerals across the board, as he tries to shore up the support and funding needed to retain power. The executive decision was made following the passing of the new mining code by the DRC parliament and senate in December/January 2018 and in the aftermath of a meeting between the President and key mining stakeholders last week, which yielded no agreement on changes to the final text. Discussions on updating the country's 2002 mining law had been ongoing for a number of years but stalled due to the commodity price slump experienced over 2014-2017.