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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Lead: Growth To Slow, But Peru A Relative Bright Spot - SEPT 2016

Americas September 2016 / Global / Industry

Global lead mine production growth will slow due to low lead prices and a weak global project pipeline. Despite this, Peru will be a relative growth bright spot, supported by a strong project pipeline across minerals, in which lead is often mined as a by-product.


Industry Trend Analysis - Minimal Consolidation In Oversupplied Metal Sectors - SEPT 2016

Asia Pacific September 2016 / China / Industry

Chinese metal and mineral production growth will depend more on prices and fundamental factors than announced government reform targets over the coming years. Overall, we expect mineral and metal production growth in China to slow over the coming years compared to the last five years. Domestic environment-driven consolidation efforts by the government will remain more effective than consolidation efforts intended to reduce global oversupplies.


Industry Trend Analysis - Gold: Ramping Up Output On Stronger Prices - SEPT 2016

Europe September 2016 / Europe / Industry

The gold price rally in 2016 and improving multi-year price outlook will spur miners to ramp up production over the coming quarters.


Industry Trend Analysis - Diamonds: African Production To Shine - SEPT 2016

Middle East & Africa September 2016 / Africa / Industry

A number of Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries will continue to dominate global diamond production, supported by competitive operating costs and strong project pipelines.