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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Canada Gold Goes Green - FEB 2017

Americas February 2017 / Canada / Industry

Canada's gold mining sector will continue to focus on paring down costs to remain competitive in a volatile gold price environment, increasingly through investing in alternative energy sources. Tightening environmental regulations will accelerate this trend.


Industry Trend Analysis - China To Stir Coal Market Again In 2017 - FEB 2017

Asia Pacific February 2017 / China / Industry

The Chinese government's aim to balance environmental protection with cheap and stable coal supply to households and steel mills will generate significant volatility in the global coal market in 2017. The country will shift to cleaner sources of coal through heightened consolidation of 'dirty' mines while increasing production from 'cleaner' mines in order to remain on track to attaining self-sufficiency.


Global Industry Overview - Lead: Tightening Market To Support Price Recovery - FEB 2017

Europe February 2017 / Global / Industry

The global lead market balance will shift into deficit on the back of persistent supply cuts, which will push prices higher in the coming years.


Industry Trend Analysis - Shift To Coal Underway, Yet Diamonds Still Rule - FEB 2017

Middle East & Africa February 2017 / Botswana / Industry

Botswana's government's efforts to develop the coal mining sector will yield steady progress, supported by low operating costs, a solid project pipeline and rising domestic demand. Nonetheless, the government's coal initiatives within the context of reducing dependence on the diamond sector will face headwinds from subdued coal prices and the outsized value of the diamond sector.