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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Tin: Asian Markets To Slow Down Global Production - DEC 2017

Americas November 2017 / Global / Industry

Global tin mine production growth will decelerate over 2017-2021 compared to the previous five years, due to declining growth rates in Myanmar and Indonesia. Despite this, traditionally large producers such as China, Bolivia and Peru will moderately increase their growth rates, ensuring absolute numbers will remain in positive territory in the coming years.


Industry Trend Analysis - Bauxite: Asian Countries To Drive Growth - DEC 2017

Asia Pacific November 2017 / Global / Industry

Global bauxite production growth will accelerate over the coming years, as new projects come online in Australia, India's production ramps up, and Indonesia re-enters the market following the end of the mineral ore export ban. Additionally, Guinea will prove a bauxite production bright spot, supported by a strong project pipeline.


Industry Trend Analysis - Nickel Miners: Challenges And Opportunities Ahead - DEC 2017

Europe November 2017 / Global / Industry

Nickel miners will witness subdued output growth in the coming years as operational difficulties come to the fore and low prices reduce profit margins. Major nickel miners with a high degree of diversification will continue to improve balance sheets as they benefit from higher prices of other metals, while those that are more exposed to nickel stand to lose out. Cost-reduction and efficiency enhancements will remain a priority, although we expect investment into new nickel projects to increase in the expectation that nickel prices will pick up beyond our forecast period, due to rising long-term demand from the growing electric vehicle market.


Industry Trend Analysis - EV Growth To Shake-Up Platinum and Palladium Markets - DEC 2017

Middle East & Africa November 2017 / Global / Industry

The rise of electric vehicles will have a negative long-term impact on demand for platinum and palladium, due to their use in conventional gasoline and diesel vehicles that will be increasingly phased out. Despite this, the low penetration of electric vehicles in the broader autos market forecast over the next 10 years and continued growth in platinum/palladium-containing hybrid vehicle sales will sustain demand for both metals in the shorter term, delaying any serious effect in this regard over 2017-2026.