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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Fruta Del Norte Development To Change Tide - OCT 2016

Americas September 2016 / Ecuador / Industry

Ecuador's nascent mining industry will receive a boost as rising gold prices encourage investment into the country's gold sector. Gold output will be primarily driven by the key Fruta del Norte project over our forecast period to 2020.


Industry Trend Analysis - Asia Mining: Key Operational And Regulatory Challenges - OCT 2016

Asia Pacific September 2016 / Asia / Economy

Despite ranking highest in our global mining rewards index and an overall positive outlook, the Asian mining landscape will remain rampant with risks such as corruption, bureaucracy, environmental protection, inadequate infrastructure and resource nationalism. While infrastructure will improve and resource nationalism will slowly be replaced with more openness, corruption, bureaucracy and environmental protection will linger over the years to 2020.


Industry Trend Analysis - Turkey: Growth Despite Challenges - OCT 2016

Europe September 2016 / Turkey / Industry

Turkey's mining sector will expand at a steady pace through our forecast period to 2020, with the failed coup in July 2016 having no effect on mining operations. Nevertheless, increased incidences of civil and environmental protests will pose challenges while an increasingly favourable investment climate encourages new entrants into the industry.


Industry Trend Analysis - More Foreign Investment Ahead_x000d_ - OCT 2016

Middle East & Africa September 2016 / Iran / Industry

The recent lifting of sanctions against the Iranian economy will help to country to begin realising its potential to be a major global metals producer. Projected expansion in construction activity and infrastructure development will result in a significant need for iron ore and other industrial metals over the next few years. While Iran has the natural resources to cope with this demand, significant investment will be needed to fund new mining and metals processing operations. The government is expected to look to overseas investors, with India and Kazakhstan among the countries reported to be showing interest in potential partnerships._x000d_