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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Global Regulatory Development: Major Accidents To Accelerate Changes - JULY 2016

Americas July 2016 / Asia / Industry

Globally, mining regulations will tighten on the back growing awareness and concern over environmental damage, social impacts and climate change. A case study of two recent mine tailings dam failures demonstrates the implications for miners of increasingly stringent regulations, namely, rising costs and reputational damage.


Industry Trend Analysis - Gold's Exit To Exacerbate Regional Underperformance - JULY 2016

Asia Pacific July 2016 / Thailand / Political Risk

Thailand will continue to be a regional mining underperformer with the recent government's decision to stop the country's gold mining production and exploration industry. While the mining halt will resolve social conflicts, the country will lose higher tax revenues from gold prices increasing in the coming years and receive decreased foreign investment inflows due to policy discontinuation signals.


Industry Trend Analysis - Private Equity To Fill Investment Gap - JULY 2016

Europe July 2016 / Global / Finance

Private equity (PE) investment in the mining sector will increase due to a combination of decade-low valuations of mining companies and an emerging base of distressed assets.


Industry Trend Analysis - Global Projects: Copper And Nickel To Be Bright Spots - JULY 2016

Middle East & Africa July 2016 / Global / Industry

The global mining project pipeline will remain under pressure in 2016 and 2017 as low mineral prices force miners to cut costs and lower capital expenditure for projects. Despite this, both copper and nickel will see strong mining project pipelines, due to significant investment into both brownfield and greenfield projects, bolstered by a combination of a gradual recovery in prices, low production costs, high-grade reserves and favourable regulations.