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Industry Trend Analysis - 19th National Party Congress: Implications For Mining & Metals - NOV 2017

China's 19th National Party Congress reaffirms our previous expectations for the mining and metals industry of the country for the upcoming years. In line with our core views, SOEs will remain the backbone of the industry, supply-side reforms will deepen with greater capacity cuts, and heightened environmental protection will boost prospects for copper, lithium and cobalt.


Industry Trend Analysis - Ouster Of Prime Minister Will Not Deter Mining Sector Growth - OCT 2017

Mongolia's strong mining sector growth will remain undeterred by the recent ouster of Prime Minister Jargaltulga Erdenebat, as improving commodity prices and existing projects underpin our positive outlook. Nevertheless, downside risks to production forecasts persist, mostly attributed to the high levels of country risk in Mongolia that could temper new investor appetite.