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Industry Trend Analysis - Currency Movements: Winners & Losers In The Mining Industry - JUNE 2017

Currency movements will remain an important factor determining mining company profits in the coming years as our currency forecasts vary significantly among countries. Based on our forecasts, margins on projects in Latin America will be pressurised most from appreciating local currencies while those in Australia will gain as the coming years will see the currency depreciate.


Industry Trend Analysis - Major Iron Ore Mining Equities To Outperform Prices - MAY 2017

Equities of major iron ore miners will outperform iron ore prices, which will remain on an average yearly downtrend over our forecast period to 2021. In spite of low prices, iron ore majors will be bolstered by their low cash costs and increasing operational efficiencies, which will lead to sustained output from their mines adding to the global supply glut over the coming years.