Industry Trend Analysis - Gold & Copper To Dominate The Sector - NOV 2015

BMI View : Peru's gold and copper sector will be the mining industry's growth bright spots as production will be supported by declining input costs, strong project pipelines and favourable regulations. Silver and zinc output growth will be moderate , due to limited new projects coming online.

Peru's mining sector will see steady growth over the next five years, supported by competitively low production costs, strong project pipelines and an agreeable regulatory environment. We expect the country's mining industry value to increase from USD20.9bn in 2015 to USD25.2bn by 2019, averaging a y-o-y growth rate of 3.1%. Gold and copper will drive growth while silver and zinc will see more moderate growth. We expect copper, which accounts for 41.0% of Peru's mining industry value, to increase its share to 48.0% of total industry value by 2019.

Beneficial Conditions Will Promote Growth

Copper To Increase Dominance
Peru - Mining Industry Value Share of Total (%)
Source: USGS, BMI

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