Industry Trend Analysis - Golden Years Ahead - JAN 2016

BMI View: Panama's gold and copper production will experience solid growth, due to a combination of strong project pipelin es, low production costs and a supportive business environment .

Panama's precious metals production growth will remain positive, due to a number of key upcoming projects set to come online over 2016-2017. In addition, the country's copper output will also post modest growth owing to the same factors. Specifically, Panama's vast mineral reserves and stable business environment, particularly compared to wider Central American region, will further encourage mining investment. We forecast Panama's gold production to climb from 95 thousand ounces (koz) in 2016 to 105koz by 2019, averaging 2.8% annual growth during 2016-2019. Despite our positive growth outlook, Panama's mining sector will account for less than 1.0% of the country's GDP over our forecast period to 2019.

Two Key Projects To Drive Growth

Golden Times Ahead For Growth
Panama - Gold Mine Production (LHS) & Growth (RHS)
f = BMI forecast. Source: BMI, USGS

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