Industry Trend Analysis - Iron Ore: Production To Increase Despite Weaker Prices - JAN 2015

BMI View: Iron ore will remain the dominant produced and exported mineral in Brazil over the coming years. The i ndustry's level of development and quality of the deposits will both enable and encourage greenfield and brownfield project development . Therefore m ined output will grow 4.3% on average per annum in 2015-2018 despite subdued iron ore prices.

Iron ore output will see steady annual growth to 2018 despite subdued prices. We expect production to grow on account of Brazil's low-cost iron ore production and high-grade reserves. Therefore, we expect Brazil will remain the second-largest iron ore producer over our forecast period, behind Australia.

Vale To Maintain Top Place

Serra Sul To See Even Lower Costs
Global - Iron Ore Cash Costs By Company/Group of Companies (USD/tonne & Production As % Global Capacity)

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