Industry Trend Analysis - Silver Lining Despite Ongoing Challenges - DEC 2015

BMI View: Mexico's mining sector will experience solid production growth, driven by strong silver and copper project pipelines . Low metal prices and security concerns will continue to present headwinds to the sector.

Mexico's mining sector will be supported by a strong project pipeline and low production costs over the coming years. We expect the country's mining industry value to increase from USD15.7bn in 2016 to USD17.4bn by 2019. The majority of this growth will come from Mexico's copper and silver sectors, which will account for approximately 24.0% and 21.0% of the country's mining industry value, respectively, in 2016. Meanwhile, Mexico's gold and zinc sectors will be the industry's weak spots, as production will be constrained due to due to low prices and heightened security risks.

Silver To Remain Key Bright Spot

Precious Metals To Remain Key
Mexico - Mining Industry Value Share Of Total (%) 2015
Source: National sources, USGS

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