Industry Trend Analysis - What Our Clients Want To Know: Mining Risks Q&A - JULY 2017

BMI View: In May 2017, we hosted a webinar identifying the most pertinent regulatory and operational risks facing the global mining industry given a subdued mineral price outlook, and evaluating various solutions to these challenges. In this analysis, we respond to some of the top client questions posed during the Q&A session that followed the presentation.

What one factor will have the most significant impact on the mining industry in the next decade?

While technology is the obvious answer here - streamlining operations, enabling exploration in increasingly remote and challenging environments, and improving the cost-competitiveness of developed countries - we also expect water to become a central issue for the mining industry. Rising environmental awareness, coinciding with declining ore grades at ageing assets requiring more and more water will force miners to prioritise alternative methods, such as dry-processing, increasing water recycling or investing in desalination plants.

Recycling Key Solution To Increasing Water Needs
Vale - Total Water Consumption (cubic metres) & Share Of Recycled Water (%)
Source: Bloomberg, BMI

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