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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Zinc: Production Growth To Gradually Accelerate - NOV 2017

Americas October 2017 / Global / Industry

The global zinc concentrate industry will return to muted production growth in 2017, supported by improving prices and a solid project pipeline.


Industry Trend Analysis - 19th National Party Congress: Implications For Mining & Metals - NOV 2017

Asia Pacific October 2017 / China / Industry

China's 19th National Party Congress reaffirms our previous expectations for the mining and metals industry of the country for the upcoming years. In line with our core views, SOEs will remain the backbone of the industry, supply-side reforms will deepen with greater capacity cuts, and heightened environmental protection will boost prospects for copper, lithium and cobalt.


Industry Trend Analysis - Lead: Global Production To Gradually Pick Up - NOV 2017

Europe October 2017 / Global / Industry

Global lead mine production growth will slowly accelerate over 2017 driven by a rise in prices in relation to 2016. However, during our forecast period from 2017-2021 production rates will only gradually increase due to a subdued price recovery and a weak global project pipeline. Australia and Peru will be the relative growth bright spots from 2017-2021, supported by stronger project pipelines across minerals, in which lead is often mined as a by-product.


Industry Trend Analysis - What Our Clients Want To Know: Commodities Of The Future Q&A - NOV 2017

Middle East & Africa October 2017 / Global / Industry

In October 2017, we hosted a webinar on how demand patterns for commodities will change over the next few decades, the long-term outlook for mining projects investment as well as the commodities that will benefit from a low-carbon global future and survive the metals substitution drive. In this analysis, we respond to some of the top client questions posed during the Q&A session that followed the presentation.