Industry Trend Analysis - Metals & Mining Corporate Strategies For A Low Carbon Economy - SEPT 2017

BMI View: Metals and mining companies will invest in technology increasingly with the focus of reducing carbon footprints, given the global drive to lower emissions. Meaningful efforts to improve environmental standards in the extractive industries require significant up-front costs, however the long-term cost savings will benefit companies that are ahead of the curve in prioritising green strategies.

Mineral extraction and smelting, among the most power intensive and environmentally disruptive sectors, will come under increasing social, investor and regulatory pressure to lower emissions. Investment in technology will be the key method to achieve cleaner and more efficient production. While investment in green technology applies to every stage of mineral production and refinement, from locating mineral deposits to water usage and land restoration, the scope of this article will focus on company initiatives and progress in specifically targeting reducing carbon footprints. Notable examples include:

  • Integration of renewable energy, battery storage into their power mix

  • Long Way To Go To Lower Emissions For Top Miners
    Select Metals & Mining Companies - Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions (mnt)
    Source: Bloomberg

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